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Chapter 10: Existence Waits for the Right Moment

Their situation is so miserable.just today Anando was reading about two districts in Maharashtra, where every man changes his wife at least ten times. The wife seems to be just a model of a machine; whenever he has money he purchases a new wife - fifty rupees, sixty rupees, at the most a hundred rupees - and sells his old wife. He has used the old wife for one year, that’s enough.

And we have been taught in the schools and universities that this is a great civilization - and women are being sold like cattle! The survey in these two districts has revealed that every man has changed his wife almost ten times. And what happens to the children? Eight out of ten, eighty percent, die because the mother has been sold and a new woman has been purchased who has no concern for these children. By seven years of age almost eighty percent are finished.

These are the real concerns, not the political games! And particularly in a situation where war seems to be coming closer every day. Iraq and Iran have been fighting for eight years continuously and have killed one million people. Both are Mohammedan states, but a small difference in their theology.. It is so hilarious that for that small difference - fourteen hundred years after Mohammed - millions of people have been killed.

The difference is that Mohammed had one son and one daughter; obviously, with one daughter there was one son-in-law. The son-in-law was more intelligent, more capable. The son was not that intelligent or capable, but he was traditionally the successor of Mohammed. So a division immediately happened on the grave of Mohammed. A few people remained with the tradition that the eldest son should be the successor and the others said, “It is unintelligent, seeing the situation when we have a better alternative, who is not far way, he is also the son-in-law.”

This difference has created two sects of Mohammedans and they have been killing each other. What do you want by killing each other, can you decide it now who was the real successor? And what does it mean? What matters who was the successor?

This trivia.. Just two days ago they came to a point of ceasefire. And within two hours, Iraq again attacked. The ceasefire remained for only two hours under the observation of the UN. But what can the UN do? It has no armies of its own, it has no power of its own; at the most it can send observers - what can they do? You can go on observing; at the most you may be killed in the fight.

And all the big countries need fights to continue everywhere, small fights, because that is their market. Science goes on improving on destructive weapons; every year new weapons are available. What are you going to do with the old weapons which you have piled up for years? Now they have become absolutely useless and you have wasted so much money. Almost seventy percent of every nation’s money goes into creating destructive weapons, armies, nuclear weapons, atomic weapons. They need small nations to go on fighting, because they purchase the old out-of-date weapons.

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