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Chapter 39: Session 39

I said, “No. I am a very democratic man too, I never force anything on anybody. You could come naked, and I would not even ask, ‘Sir, where are your pants?’“

He said, “What!”

I said, “I am just saying ‘suppose,’ the way you do when you come into class and say, ‘Suppose, just suppose..’ I’m not saying that you should actually come naked.you don’t have the guts to actually do it.”

[Rattling noise again] Only Asheesh can help, because perhaps the devil may understand Italian, and no other language. That’s good. What was I saying?

“You were telling the headmaster that he didn’t have the guts to come without his pants.”

“Yes,” I said to him; “it’s only a supposition, just the way you say to the class ‘Suppose..’ We never ask whether it is real or not, so don’t ask me. Suppose you come without your pants; now I make some more additions, without a shirt, or even without your underwear.?”

He said, “You! Simply get out of here!”

I said, “I cannot, unless you tell me that I may use my wooden sandals. Wood is natural, and I am a nonviolent man so I cannot use leather. So either I have to follow you, and use leather as you do - although you call yourself a brahmin, but with those shoes, with what face can you call yourself a brahmin? - or I have to use the wooden sandals.”

He said, “Do whatsoever you want to do. Just go away as far as you can, as quickly as possible, because I may do something which I may repent my whole life.”

I asked him, “Do you think you could kill me just because of my wooden sandals?”

He said, “No more questions, don’t provoke me. But I must tell you that when I hear the sound” - because all the floors in the school were paved with stone - “I can hear you from anywhere in the building. In fact it is impossible not to hear you because you are continuously moving - I don’t know why - and that noise just knocks me out of my senses.”

I said, “That is your problem. I am going to use the sandals.” And I used them until I left university. For my whole life, from high school to university, I used wooden sandals. Anybody could have told you about me because I was the only person with wooden sandals. Everybody used to say, “You can hear him from miles away.”

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