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Chapter 18: Existence Is Taking Care

To receive a master, even to acknowledge a master, needs a long preparation. The therapist can do that preparation, so that when you come across a real master.the therapist has given you the thirst; now the real master can quench it. Without the thirst, even the greatest master is of no help.

I understand that the blind cannot lead the blind, the ignorant cannot help you to move towards light, towards knowing, towards realization; but they can do something else which can be used as a device. Therapy has never been used by any master in the world as a device, but I find it to be immensely helpful: it helps those who participate in therapies to become thirsty for the real. The therapist cannot deliver the real, but he has made you thirsty for the real. You should be grateful for that - it is not a small service that he has done for you.

And the therapy is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it helps the participant, and on the other hand it helps the therapist. The therapist is also in the same boat. He is also groping, he is also uncertain; he is also not in a state to say with a guarantee, “There is something like truth, or something like bliss, or something like ecstasy.” But seeing so many people becoming thirsty, he also becomes more thirsty than he was ever before. If so many people can easily be made aware of a tremendous challenge for a pilgrimage towards the unknown.he himself also becomes a pilgrim. If he does not become a pilgrim, he has helped you but he has not been able to help himself.

He can become a false teacher - that is the danger of being a therapist. You can start thinking that you are a great teacher because you are making so many people thirsty for truth. And perhaps you may start delivering false goods to them too, because they don’t know what is false and what is real; they cannot make any distinction.

There are many false therapists; they become false the moment they start becoming masters. They are not masters. They are as much a seeker as others; perhaps more articulate, more knowledgeable. If they remain therapists - knowing perfectly well that they know nothing much, only a certain expertise - they can help you, and they can help themselves, too; otherwise.. Kabir has a statement: “The blind people lead the blind, and they all fall into a well.” There is nowhere else to go - they will find a well somewhere to fall in.

An Israeli visiting Paris goes to a brothel and insists on the services of a certain Michelle. He is told that Michelle is unavailable, but when he offers a thousand dollars, she is brought to him and they spend the night together.

The next night, the Israeli returns and repeats his generous offer, and again the third night. Finally, on the third night, Michelle asks why she has been singled out for this flattering attention.

“Well,” says the man, “You see, I am from Israel.”

“Why, so am I,” says Michelle.

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