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Chapter 12: From Italy to Nirvana

By Italian I simply mean a certain symbol, just as by Indian I mean a certain symbol. The Indian represents the hypocrite. Wherever he is born, that doesn’t matter; he may be born even in Italy. But wherever you find a hypocrite you will find an Indian, and wherever you find a realistic, pragmatic, practical person he will be an Italian. To me these words don’t represent geography, they represent something metaphorical.

My commune is going to be one of the richest communes that has ever happened on the earth. I have chosen Deeksha to take care of your bodies - an Italian, a perfect mamma! And she is taking care as beautifully as possible.

My commune consists of all kinds of people. They will all pool their different energies to make it the richest commune in the whole of existence that has ever existed. Around Buddha there were only Indians, around Jesus there were only Jews, around Mohammed there were only Mohammedans. Around me there are all kinds of people - theists, atheists, materialists, spiritualists, Catholics, Communists, Jainas, Jews, Italians, Indians, Germans.all kinds of people, and they have all developed different sides of humanity. No country has developed the whole human being, only partial human beings.

We can create the whole human being, multidimensional, immensely rich, rooted in the earth and yet longing for the stars.

The last question:

I am leaving this wonderful buddhafield to venture forth into the big, wide world to get everything ready to become part of our new commune.
Please tell me a joke that will accompany me on my adventures and that will remind me of your eternal laughter.

This is the joke for you:

A recently-married traveling salesman came home early from his business trip. He arrived at one o’clock in the morning and tiptoed up the stairs to his bedroom, not wishing to disturb his young wife. When he opened the door, to his horror he saw another man sleeping in his bed, next to his wife.

In a burst of rage he grabbed the man by the hair and pulled him out of bed. He kicked him and pushed him down the stairs and out of the back door. He forced the naked man into the garden shed, grabbed his prick and put it in a vice, which he then tightened and padlocked. He took a hacksaw from the shelf, very methodically removed the blade and fitted a new one in.

The terrified young man’s eyes bulged at this prospect.

“You-you are no-no-not going to-to cut my prick off, are you?” he stammered.

“No,” smiled the husband, handing the saw to the relieved young man. “You are! I am going to set fire to the shed!”

Enough for today.