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Chapter 7: Awareness: The Master Key

The moment you become aware - it is not only that your life is transformed - you immediately start functioning in a new way; you start helping others to be transformed. Because once you have seen the light of awareness, once you are out of the cave of unconscious mind, you will be surprised that whatsoever you had known before was not real; it was only shadows of the real. You had dreamt about the real.

And once you have seen the light, you would like to share it. You would like to go back to the cave and unchain other prisoners. That’s what all the great masters down the ages have been doing. That’s what Pythagoras was doing. He became free, free out of the cave.

For the first time you will be dazzled. For the first time you will feel your eyes are hurting - that is the pain of growth. For the first time the desire, a great desire, will arise to go back into the darkness, because you have become accustomed to it. It was soothing, but once you have seen even a little bit of reality you cannot go back, you have crossed the point of no return. You will have to live in the light. You will have to learn how to absorb light, because the reality is so blissful. And out of the experience of the real, life becomes religious. Out of the experience of the real, you cannot act in the old ways.

Pradipam, I know why the question has arisen: because you have tried not to be angry, you have decided so many times, but still it happens. You have tried not to be greedy, but again and again you fall into the trap. You have tried all kinds of things to change yourself but nothing ever seems to happen. You remain the same.

And here I am saying that there is a simple key: awareness. You cannot believe it. How can awareness, just awareness, help when nothing else has been of any help? Keys are always very small; keys are not very big things. A small key can open a very big lock. And why does awareness function as a key?

The person who is living in a dream is deep asleep, has a nightmare, is being tortured, is being killed. And of course fighting, fighting back, he is very much afraid, wants somebody to save him and finds no way to escape. All around him are enemies with naked swords. Death seems to be certain. Trembling, perspiring just out of the pain of the nightmare, he awakes. Still his breathing is not natural, still he is perspiring, trembling, but he starts laughing. There is no problem - the dream has disappeared. All those enemies and naked swords were not realities. He need not ask to be saved; he need not arrange any defense. The whole thing was just a shadow world. Once awake the whole dream has disappeared. And in the dream he had tried every possible way to protect himself and was finding it impossible. That’s the case with you, with everybody.

Anger is a shadow and you cannot be victorious by fighting with a shadow. Greed is a shadow - these are not realities. The reality is that which will remain even when awareness has happened. And this is the miracle: those who have known awareness have not known anything of anger or greed. Not that they dropped them; they simply didn’t find them! Once the light is there, darkness is not there.

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