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Chapter 2: Drop Becoming! Being Is Enough

Nietzsche has said, “If a tree wants to touch heaven then it will have to send its roots to hell.” Without sending your roots to hell, you will not be able to bloom in heaven. Adam has to go to hell, he has to disobey, because only through disobedience can you learn the beauty of obedience. He has to doubt, because only through doubt, one day, are the mysteries of trust revealed. He had to become a mind. Only after you have become a mind, crystallized as an ego, is there a possibility of surrender, is there a possibility of transcending mind.

So when I say to you that mind has to be transcended, never for a single moment think that I am against mind. I am not. How can I be against mind? Without mind, how will you transcend it, how will you go beyond it? Mind is a must, a friend on the way, but going only so far. And one has to go beyond it too. And its function is to take you so far, so that you can go beyond.

Sometimes it seems that the mind screens out awareness, but also it seems that mind can be very practical, can help to do things.

That’s true. Mind screens out awareness; that’s its function. It makes you aware of the reality only to that extent with which you can cope. Otherwise you would go mad. Life is impinging on you from all sides, in millions of ways, every second. Mind screens out ninety-eight percent, it allows only two percent of reality to enter you - and that too in a very modified form, in such a form that you can digest it. You are not able yet to digest totality. Mind narrows down, it allows only a little bit of reality. Only in bits does it allow reality.

It is like when a small child is born, he cannot eat food directly. The mother has to eat the food, transform the food into milk, and the child will drink the milk. Slowly, slowly he will become able to eat food directly. Mind is a necessary phenomenon; without it you would have died. If a child were born without the capacity of mind, the reality would be too much. It would drive him crazy - so many colors, so many sounds, so many people. The world is multidimensional. If all this simply starts jumping on the child’s consciousness it is bound to destroy the delicate phenomenon that the child is. The reality is to be bracketed out. Just small bits have to be allowed. Slowly, slowly the child will be able to digest more.

The problem arises that you remain a child for your whole life. That is the problem; not that the mind creates any problem. You are like a child who becomes addicted to milk and cannot drink anything else, cannot eat anything else forever. Now that is foolish. Milk was the right food at a certain time. It was the only food, the only nourishment, but a moment comes when the child has to move, become independent. He cannot go on depending on the mother’s breast, he has to be on his own.

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