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Chapter 9: Dead Men Don’t Bleed

I used to know in my village.and I have never forgotten that man and I don’t think I will ever forget him. He was a goldsmith, but very rich, and he had a way of speaking which was very hilarious. He was continuously stuttering and he was attached to a strange idea and he used to brag about it: “Unless I have one hundred rupees in my pocket I don’t urinate.” He was famous all over the village. What a great idea - one hundred rupees have to be in his pocket, then only can he urinate! He was showing his richness, but a strange way he found; I don’t think anybody has ever had that idea, it was so original. But it was hilarious.

In those days there were no notes, so he was carrying one hundred rupees in gold coins - such a weight in his pockets. And people used to ask him, “Where are you going? Have you counted your rupees? - because if there are ninety nine and suddenly you feel like going to the urinal, you will be stuck. And he would immediately count his money and he would say, “There is no problem. One hundred rupees is a must. Without it I cannot do even such a small thing as pissing - what to say about great things?” That was his teddy bear. He used to sleep with those one hundred rupees.

You may not be aware - because you are not aware - but if you look a little bit, you can find what your teddy bear is.

All appearances in the world are preventing you from knowing the reality of the world and of your own being. What appears is not the reality. Reality is hidden behind appearances, and unless you become attuned with reality, those appearances which are just dream stuff are going to torture you continuously. And everybody is feeling the agony, the misery, but goes on living it because there seems to be no way to drop it.

Bodhidharma is telling you the way, and it is the essential way of all the religions: detachment, freedom from appearances.

The sutras say, “Detachment is enlightenment because it negates appearances.”

The three realms are greed, anger and delusion.

You have to watch these three realms because these are the barriers, the three barriers to your enlightenment.

Bodhidharma is very short, condensed; he does not go in for philosophical discussions, he simply states the fact. And that’s his beauty. He has reduced the whole religion and the way out of it into very few words. Greed is your aggression. It is the desire always for more.

It never stops; it goes on asking for more. And because it goes on asking for more, you are always miserable. Whatever you may have, you cannot enjoy it because you don’t have more. By the time you have more, your greed has gone ahead of you. It is always ahead of you asking for more.

I used to stay in Calcutta in a very rich family and the husband and wife used to come to pick me up from the airport. The husband was always a very cheerful person, but one time I found he was very sad - driving the car, but very sad.

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