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Chapter 8: I'm Just Being to You

Deep in your heart you also know it is bullshit. That’s why you are pulled back to the earth again and again. Come back to the earth; imagination won’t help.

There is a poetry, a different type of poetry which arises out of reality. Yes, there are beautiful clouds and there are vast oceans of beatitude, but that arises by being rooted in the earth. There is no conflict between that beauty and reality. That beauty is nothing but reality itself manifested in its total grandeur. But right now, whatsoever you are doing is just a fantasy. So change your emphasis. It is the ego which is fantasizing, and it is awareness which is pulling you down. Allow awareness to work more and more, and don’t waste time in dreams.

I have heard..

Two fishermen were exchanging their experiences of the previous day. One man said he had caught a three-hundred-pound salmon.

“But salmon never weighed as much as three hundred pounds,” said the other man.

“Nevertheless, I caught one weighing three hundred pounds. What did you catch?”

“Not much,” answered the second man. “Only a rusty old lamp. But on the bottom of it was inscribed: Property of Christopher Columbus, 1492. When I opened the lamp I was surprised to find it still held a candle in it, and you know that the candle was still lit?”

“Now let us get together on these stories,” urged the first fisherman. “If you will put out that damned candle, I will take a couple of hundred pounds off that salmon.”

One wants to have sweet experiences, one desires to have beautiful experiences. But just by desiring them you cannot have them, you can only dream about them. You can have them not by desiring, but by working hard on your being. Tremendous effort is needed. Then one day reality comes, is revealed. And then it has a splendor which no dream can ever have. Because dream is just a dream, a thought in the mind - a colorful thought, but still a thought. When reality is revealed, it is totally different; it is millions of times more beautiful than any dream. Don’t waste time in dreaming. Walk on earth, be in the body, come back to your senses.

The last question. It is from Divya.