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Chapter 75: Seek the Rhythm of Opposites

What is imagination doing? Imagination is only destroying the old concepts, matter, old patterns of the mind which go on looking at things in a certain way. Imagination is destroying them. And then the reality will be revealed.

Imagine spirit simultaneously within and around you until the entire universe spiritualizes - until you feel that all distinctions have disappeared, all boundaries have dissolved and the universe has become just an ocean of energy. That is the fact, also. But the deeper you proceed in the technique, the more scared you will become. You will feel as if you are going mad. Because your sanity consists of distinctions, your sanity consists of this so-called reality and when the reality starts disappearing, you will feel that simultaneously your sanity is disappearing. Saints and insane persons move in a world which is beyond our so-called reality. They both move, but the insane persons fall and saints go beyond. The difference is very small but it is very great also. If without any effort on your part you lose your mind and the distinctions, the real and the unreal, you will become insane. But if you destroy the concepts with conscious effort, you will become “un-sane,” not insane. That “un-sanity” is the dimension of religion. It is beyond sanity. But conscious effort is needed. You should not be a victim, you should remain a master. When it is your effort which is destroying the patterns of the mind, you look into the unpatterned reality.

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