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Chapter 15: Truth as It Is - Naked

After two days they parted. They again hugged each other, laughed.. The moment Farid was left with his disciples and Kabir was left with his disciples - the disciples were really boiling within - they jumped on their masters and they said, “What happened to you? Why did you suddenly become silent?”

Farid said, “But there was nothing to say. The moment I saw him, I also saw that he has seen. So what is there to say? He knows, I know, and we know the same reality.”

And Kabir said to his disciples, “Do you want me to appear stupid? I could see that he knows, so there was no need to say anything. Words are needed to show you the path, but he has arrived, so we shared our arrival by hugging, smiling, laughing. We have both arrived at the same space. We enjoyed! We really loved to be together. These two days were tremendously beautiful. But when two zeros come together they become one.”

It is natural. When two absolutely egoless beings come together, there is no separation, there is no wall, there is no barrier between them. A merger, a melting into each other starts happening. Kabir and Farid must have enjoyed those two days of tremendous understanding. But there is nothing to say!

Casper Vogel, the moment you have seen the face there is no need for any words. If you are too attached to the words, then avoid the face; then don’t search for reality. Then it is better to go on thinking about reality; then you are capable of hearing only as much as you can.

Just the other day I was reading a statement of Rudolf Steiner: “If a German comes to a crossroads and sees that one road has a signboard saying: ‘To Heaven,’ and the other road has another sign saying: ‘To the Lecture Hall About Heaven,’ he will go to the second - to listen to the lecture about heaven.”

Germans are philosophical people; they have given birth to great philosophers. Who bothers about heaven? First let us hear about it, discuss it, analyze it, whether it exists or not, go through all the theories, ponder over it. And heaven can always wait. Tomorrow the lecture may be there or it may not be - who knows? - but heaven is always there. You can always go to heaven whenever you want, but about the lecture.. One has to rush immediately! Once the clock says eight, the doors are closed and the German is left out. And he has to sit in the front. Look! - Haridas, just sitting by my side.. Do you think Haridas will go to heaven? Never! He will go to the lecture.

If you want to hear the words, Casper, then it is better not to bother about the original face. If you have seen the original face you are finished with all words, all philosophy, all religion.

The second question:

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