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Chapter 4: From Dreams toward Truth

“How can that be, when I can feel the feet getting cold? I am the same as before.now the poison has come up to the knees.now it spreads over my abdomen...now the hands and feet feel as if they are not there - I can feel them no longer.”

“You talk thus and you, yourself, are turning cold!” his friends wailed.

“But I am as I was before the poison was given. The only difference is that the hands and feet are gone. The story of these hands and feet has come to an end. Another one will start now perhaps, but I am the same; I am still the observer.”

He who has always observed life, observes death also; and how can death come to him who can face it? For he who is accomplished in the witness state, attains eternity.

Swami Ram went to America. He was a strange person. A few such individuals are born once in a while in the world, and that is how this earth becomes an interesting place. He was a very strange man. If anyone abused him in the streets, he would stand and laugh. He would go home and tell his friends: “Shall I tell you something? Ram was abused like anything today in the marketplace!”

When people asked: “Ram was abused - or you?”

He replied: “Me? Who knows me? Nobody knows me. How will they abuse me? They know Ram and so abuse him. And when they reviled him, I was sitting within and watching the fun. ‘Now take the brickbats, sir!’ I told him.”

“Ram went to a village.” That is how Swami Ram spoke of himself: “Ram went to a village and he fell in a ditch. How I laughed! ‘Well done,’ I said: ‘that is what happens when you do not watch your step!’”

When people asked him, “Who are you talking about?” He would reply: “Who? Ram, of course.”

“And who are you?”

“I am just a spectator. This is the story of Ram that I am witnessing. It is Ram’s drama, and I am watching it.”

This technique of becoming an observer in life is the essence of the secret of religion. Witness life, and an altogether new life begins. This beginning ends in truth; in that reality which is never born, which never dies and which is not a dream. If we remain in a somnolent state, absorbed in dreams, this reality may be lost to us.