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Chapter 9: The Greatest Lie There Is

That’s why I say seeking, you go astray. Seeking, you go in dreams. How can you seek God? You have not known. How can you seek the unknown? You have never seen. How can you seek the unseen? Even if God comes across you, you will not be able to recognize him, because recognition is possible only if you have experienced him before. And you have not experienced him. He may have come across you many times in your life, and you will go on missing because how will you recognize him?

It is impossible to seek the unknown. Then what do you do? First you create a dream about the unknown and you start seeking the dream. The Hindu has one dream of God, the Mohammedan has another dream, the Christian has still another - but those are all dreams. The Christian will attain to his dream. That is the misery, because if you persist too much, your dream will start becoming almost a reality. If you pour your energy into your dream too much, then your dream will start becoming a reality; you will convert it into a reality. But it is not reality; it is still a dream.

The fight between Hindus, Mohammedans, and Christians is not the fight about reality. The fight is about their different dreams. Hindus have a certain idea of God, so have others, and they fight. They say, “Our dream is true.” When a Christian meditates deeply, he comes to see Jesus. A Jaina never comes to see Jesus, never. A Buddhist never comes to see Jesus; Jesus never crosses his path. For a Buddhist, Buddha comes on the path. For a Jaina, Mahavira crosses his path. They are their dreams; they are dreams and projections and desires. And if you persist too much, the mind has the faculty to impart reality to the dream.

You do it every day, so it is not something very strange. Every day in the night when you fall asleep you dream, and in the dream you never recognize the fact that it is a dream. In the dream it looks true. In the dream it looks real - howsoever absurd. In the dream you see a dog is walking, and suddenly the dog becomes a cat, and you don’t even doubt that it is possible. In the dream you accept even that. Your acceptance, your capacity to believe, is tremendous.

Even the people who think they are skeptical, people who think they are great doubters, logicians, rationalists, even in their dreams all their rationalism is gone and all their doubt disappears. In their dreams they believe absurd things. In the morning, when they are awake, they will be amazed, but then it is too late.

Just think of a person who is in a coma.. Once a woman was brought to me who had been in a coma for nine months. Now think, if she is dreaming for nine months, she must be thinking they are realities. A man can be in a coma for nine years, or ninety years - or for nine lives. Then? The dream will look real. In fact, if this woman is awakened out of her coma for one minute and she looks around and falls into her dream again, which will be more real, her dream that has lasted for nine months, or the reality that she saw for one single minute? What will be her conclusion if she can conclude? She will conclude that she had fallen for one minute into sleep and she saw a dream and again the dream is gone, so she is awake and her reality continues.

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