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Chapter 14: The Great Death

The ultimate reality is a neutral energy. It does not favor anyone. It is choiceless, there is no choice there. That state is formless. So remember that whatsoever you see in it depends on you. The day when you do not see anything in it, only a vast emptiness will remain - neither Krishna nor Rama will appear, neither Buddha nor Jesus will be there, neither love nor fear. When nothing can be seen there.and that is possible only when your mind becomes so silent and thought-less that nothing from the mind will be projected on the reality. The day you become empty within, the ultimate reality will also look to you like emptiness. I want to make it clear to you that the ultimate reality will appear to you as you are.

This statement of Yama’s is incomplete. Even Brahma’s statement would be incomplete because both are acquainted with only one aspect. One knows only birth and the other knows only death. But you, who are both birth and death, you who are born and will also die, you who are touching both ends, if you become aware you will find that the ultimate reality is neutral - it is neither the embodiment of fear nor of love.

Now we will enter the sutra.

The brahman is seen in the pure antahkaran, the pure inner sense, just as an object before a mirror is reflected in it.

The ultimate reality is seen in the pure inner being. The more pure the inner is, the clearer the perception of reality will be. If the inner is absolutely pure then the divine will be absolutely clear. But if the mirror is dirty, covered with dust, the reflection will also be dirty. If the mirror is damaged and broken the reflection will also be affected in the same way. If the mirror is crooked the reflection also will be crooked. For the pure realization of reality it is essential that the mirror should be totally clear; the mirror of the inner sense should be absolutely pure. But the ultimate reality can be perceived in different states because the mirror can be in many states, in many conditions. This sutra is about the different states of the mirror.

The brahman is seen in the pitrilok, the realm of the spirits of man’s deceased ancestors, just like objects seen in a dream.

All of these lokas, these realms, are symbols for the different states of your inner sense, your inner world. The first thing is, if the inner sense is pure then right here on this very Earth, the ultimate reality can be directly realized. If the inner sense is not so pure, then after leaving the body to the realm which is called pitrilok, the realm where bodiless souls dwell, the ultimate reality can be known there. The impurities of the mind which are caused by the body do not remain after death. After death the ultimate reality can be seen clearly, like vivid dreams.

Reflections of the brahman are seen in gandharvalok, the realm of celestial musicians, like forms reflected in water.

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