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Chapter 11: Mind Is the Greatest Enemy of Man

Wisdom comes through your growth of consciousness, and knowledge comes through collecting from the scriptures, from learned people, and making some sort of a system. But you remain the same; you don’t go through any transformation.

Hence, the first sutra: Not to let go of wisdom is stupidity. Just drop your wisdom and with your wisdom gone, your stupidity will also be gone. If you cling to your knowledge, which you think is wisdom, you will remain stupid forever.

When the mind does not exist understanding and not understanding are both true.

The moment the mind is silent, nonfunctioning, everything is true. It is the mind that distorts everything and makes everything untrue. Knowledge comes through the mind, and wisdom comes when there is no-mind. This is a distinction which has not been made by the great philosophers of the world, except by the mystics of the East.

The dictionaries will say wisdom is knowledge, but actual reality and the experience of it, is not a dictionary. It makes a clear-cut distinction that knowledge and wisdom are not only, not synonymous, they are antagonistic. If your mind is full of knowledge you will remain unwise, stupid.

And if your mind is dropped and you go beyond it, you enter into the world of wisdom - into the world of awakening. In that awakening everything is true. Because you are true, everything is authentic because you are authentic.

In the mind you are untrue, you are false. That’s why whatever happens through the mind turns into a falsity, a hypocrisy.

Mind is the greatest enemy of man.

When the mind exists, understanding and not understanding are both false.

When you understand, reality depends on you.

This is such a pregnant statement that you should try to feel it, not just to hear it: When you understand, reality depends on you. And when do you understand? When the mind is put aside and your being encounters reality directly, without the mediator, mind, then reality depends on you. You have risen higher than reality. You have risen to the ultimate reality. Otherwise reality is relative reality.

When you don’t understand you depend on reality.

When you don’t understand - when you are in the mind - you are a victim of this mundane reality that you see all around. Money deceives you, power deceives you, prestige deceives you, anything..

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