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Chapter 10: Just One Moment.

If you can listen to your heart and to your eyes, if you can listen to your inner life, you are not worried about tomorrow, then you are not worried about self-realization. This moment of bliss will make you most fortunate. You will be full of gratitude and a deep prayer will rise in your heart - then you will be thankful to the divine for giving you more than you deserve. He gave it when you were not expecting it at all. Then you will not think that it is a play of the sun and shadow. Today is enough for today. Tomorrow, when he will give again, you will thank him again.

And don’t compare today with tomorrow, because all this comparison is of the mind. Every moment of life is unique. Tomorrow again it will be morning; again he will shower. But don’t compare, because no two moments can be the same at the same time. All these comparisons are of the mind. There is always one moment at a time. In existence there is no possibility of measurement or comparison, and if you go on advancing like this - thankful, grateful, full of deep gratitude.. Self-realization is not something which you get all of a sudden, it just goes on advancing, increasing, deepening. Self-realization is not an object but a process. Self-realization is not something which you can attain just by grabbing. Self-realization is your transformation. It is your development.

And there is no end to self-realization. That is why the soul is called unlimited: it goes on increasing, it goes on growing. You never reach the point where you can say that now it is enough. It is unlimited. The more you see the divine the vaster he becomes. New doors open, new flowers blossom; there are thousands of lotuses of consciousness, and there are thousands of petals in each lotus, and each petal has thousands of colors. You will go on seeing, you will go on going deep into it and you will go on increasing.

Don’t keep an account of the past, because if your mind is full of this account then you will miss what you are getting now. Don’t worry about tomorrow, because he has given you today and he will give you tomorrow also. If he has given today, why should he not give tomorrow? Don’t worry about tomorrow. Let the past be past. Don’t think of tomorrow, today is enough.

If this trust goes deeply into you - that today is enough, that this moment is enough - then this very moment will become one of bhajan.

Oh fool! Sing the song of the divine, sing the song of the divine.

Enough for today.