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Chapter 29: Nobody Is Missing Anything

He followed him to his home, and now another problem arose. He could not manage to put the key into the hole of the lock. His hands were trembling, the lock was trembling. He managed this way and that way, but the hole of the lock and the key behaved as if they were conspiring against him.

The policeman laughed and he said, “Can I help you?”

The drunkard said, “It will be great if you can help. Just hold the house steady; it seems there is an earthquake happening.”

While all this was going on, the wife, from the first floor, opened the window and asked, “What is the problem? Is the key not working? Should I throw down another key?”

He said, “No, the key is perfectly right, just throw me another lock!”

Somehow the policeman and the wife managed to get him into the house. He was worried because he knew that on his face there were scratches and blood, and in the morning the wife was going to find out. So first he went to the bathroom to clean off the blood, and he saw himself in the mirror.

He said, “My God! Those posts.. I have never done anything harmful to them and they have been so nasty with me. Let morning come and I am going to go with an ax and cut down all those twelve lampposts completely. There was no need, even in darkness I was moving perfectly well. Those lampposts..” And then he thought, “If my wife sees me there will be trouble, so somehow the scratches have to be covered with some ointment.” He looked for some ointment and he found, instead of ointment, his wife’s lipstick.

He said, “This seems to be perfectly good ointment,” and he put it on every scratch. In the morning, the wife shouted from the bathroom, “Who has destroyed my lipstick? Not only the lipstick, but who has painted the whole mirror?” Obviously he was looking at his face in the mirror, and wherever there were scratches..

Man is living in a very unconscious state.

And whatever he does goes wrong.

Your question, Krishna Prabhu, is useful for everybody. You are asking, “A few months ago I had what seemed to be a great realization.” After a few months, you will again feel that some great realization is happening. These realizations are just projections of the mind. It is because of the poverty of language that there is difficulty to say that one day you find that every moment is a moment of realization.

Is not this moment a moment of realization? Are not these birds and this sky and this silence a realization? Is not this intensity of thousands of people waiting for the unknown not a realization? Don’t make realization a special treat; make realization your usual life. Everything that you have to pass through is a realization.

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