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Chapter 14: Trust Life, Love Life.

“A cigarette,” he replies.

The captain gives him a cigarette, lights it up and asks the second spy, “Do you have a last request?”

Without a word the second spy spits in the captain’s face.

“Harry,” cries the first spy, “please, don’t make trouble.”

What more trouble.? They are going to be shot dead. What more trouble can you cause? And asking for a cigarette as the last thing, shows our minds. Just think that if God appears before you and asks you, “What do you want?” What are you going to ask for? A beautiful car? A palatial house? A beautiful woman? Then you will see with what kind of rubbish your mind is filled.

I don’t think anyone is going to say, “I want to meditate.I want to realize myself.” These things can be postponed - what is the hurry? Right now, a cigarette is needed, and anyway self-realization will not provide cigarettes, palaces.! You don’t know what self-realization will provide. The very idea of self-realization does not arise because you take it for granted that you know yourself.

Socrates was right when he said, “Know thyself.” There is no more important thing in life to do. Don’t waste your whole life in things which you will laugh about later on: how much you wasted, how much ecstasy was possible.and you were smoking cigars, running after women - or vice versa in the case of Niskriya!

Now, the fellow understands that women are approaching him to say, “Don’t be worried boy, we are here to take care of you.” The Chinaman cap that he was wearing has been presented to him by a woman whom he has fancied for years. And she came herself, seeing the situation that Niskriya had become a hero in a single day. Before any other woman catches hold of him, the woman that he has been fancying for years approached, herself.

Now he is in trouble; he cannot do his work. He is a man of a very one-dimensional, scientific attitude; he does not look here and there. Now all these women are going to disturb him. His real love affair is photography. Now he is praying to me, “Save me. I am perfectly happy alone” - but it is too late.

You go on doing things repetitively in your life - the same things, without ever bothering about the real mysteries, the real meanings, the real significance of your being. The day you become interested in your being, meditation blossoms automatically.

And if by chance you come across a man whose eyes become doors to a world beyond, touch his feet and you will be filled with a strange energy and vibration which is a music, a harmony, a synchronicity with existence.

The master is only an example of what you can also be.

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