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Chapter 11: One Can Be Simply Religious

Ted Knoppel andCharles Gibson, Nightline, ABC-TV

[This is live TV coverage including an interview with Oregon attorney general David Frohnmeyer in Portland.]

Can the Osho hear me? Are we coming through to the Osho? This is Charlie Gibson in Washington.

Hi, Charlie.

Is it true that you have not yet held this news conference?

No, not yet. You have been delaying me.

At your news conference you are going to tell your followers that you are no longer their guru but just their friend. Why are you doing this?

I have never been their guru.

Why are you not their guru, then?

I was silent for three and a half years, and in that silent period the group of Ma Anand Sheela exploited the innocent sannyasins and tried to create a religion. And she became the high priestess of the religion.

Didn’t you realize during that period of time that they were following you in a religious sense?

They were told so, but I was not informed and I was in isolation and in silence so I was not aware of what is happening.

What kind of a relationship did you have with her, Sheela, for those three and a half years?

She was just my secretary.

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