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Chapter 75: Seek the Rhythm of Opposites

I was reading a very funny book. The title is Three Christs. In a madhouse, there were three men, and all the three claimed that they were Christ. This is an actual fact not a story. So one psychoanalyst studied all three. Then the thought came to his mind that it would be very funny to introduce them to each other to see what would happen - how they would introduce themselves and what their reaction would be. So he brought all three together and left them in a room to introduce themselves. The first one said, “I am the only begotten son, Jesus Christ.” The other laughed and in his mind he thought he must be mad! He said, “How can you be? I am Jesus Christ. You are also part of that whole. A fragment of that consciousness is in you also. But Jesus Christ, the only son of God - that I am.”

The third thought that both were foolish, that both had gone insane. He said, “What are you talking about? Look at me. The son of God is here.”

Then the psychoanalyst asked them separately, “What is your reaction?” They all said, “Both the others are mad. The other two have gone crazy.”

And this is not only the case with madmen. If you ask Christians what they think about Krishna, because he claims that he is God, they will say that there is only one, one penetration of the beyond, and that is Jesus Christ. At only one time in history did God penetrate into the world, and that was with Jesus Christ. Krishna is good, a great man but not divine, not God himself.

If you ask Hindus, they will laugh at Jesus. The same madness goes on, and the reality is that everyone is the only begotten son of God - everyone. The otherwise is not possible. You come from the same source, whether you are Jesus or Krishna or A, B, C, anybody or anybody, you come from the same source. And every “I,” every consciousness, is immediately related to the divine. Jesus was giving only a technique. He was misunderstood.

This technique is the same. In truth forms are inseparate. Inseparate are omnipresent being and your own form. Realize each as made of this consciousness. Not only realize that you are made of this consciousness, realize that everything around you is made of this consciousness. Because it is very easy to realize that you are made of this consciousness, it can give you a very egoistic feeling, it can be a deep fulfillment to the ego. But realize that the other is also, then it become a humbleness. When everything is divine you cannot have any egoistic mind. When everything is divine, you are humbled. Then there is no question of your being somebody, or something above, then the whole of existence is divine, and wherever you look, you look at the divine. The looker and the looked-at are both divine because forms are not separate. Underneath all forms is hidden one formlessness.