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Chapter 63: Start Creating Yourself

This bluish form, this bluish light, is the presence of the etheric body. You have many bodies. This technique is concerned with the etheric body, and through the etheric body you can enter into the highest ecstasy. There are seven bodies, and every body can be used to enter into the divine; every body is just a door.

This technique uses the etheric body, and the etheric body is the easiest to realize. The deeper the body, the more difficult; but the etheric body is just near you, just near the physical. It is just near. The second form is of the etheric - just around you, just around your body. It penetrates your body and it is also around your body just like a hazy light, a blue light, hanging all around like a loose robe.

Kind Devi,
enter etheric presence
pervading far above and below your form.

Far above, below - everywhere around your form. If you can see that blue light around you, thinking will stop immediately, because for the etheric body, no thinking is needed. And the blue light is so calming, so soothing, so relaxing. Even ordinarily blue light is so soothing. Why? - because it is the light of your etheric body. The blue sky is so soothing. Why? - because it is the color of your etheric body. And the etheric body is very soothing.

Whenever someone loves you, whenever someone touches you with deep love, he touches your etheric body. That’s why you feel it as such a soothing thing. It has even been photographed. Two lovers in deep love, making love: if their intercourse can continue for a certain limit, beyond forty minutes, and there is no ejaculation, around both the bodies, deep in love, a blue light appear. It has even been photographed.

And sometimes there have been very strange phenomena, because this light is a very subtle electric force. All around the world, many times it has happened that a new couple, staying in a new room on their honeymoon, or on their first night when they don’t know each other’s body and they don’t know what is possible.. If both the bodies are in a certain vibration of love, of attraction, of deep involvement and commitment - open, vulnerable to each other, ready to become one space - then sometimes it has happened accidentally that their bodies have become so electrified, their etheric body becomes so alive, that things in the room start falling.

Very strange phenomena: a statue is there on the table - suddenly it falls down. The glass on the table suddenly breaks. There is no one else, only the couple making love, and they have not even touched the glass. Or suddenly something catches fire. These cases have been reported to many police stations all around the world, and much investigation has been done, and then it was found that two persons in deep love can create such an electric force that it may affect things around them.