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Chapter 22: The Seeker Was the Search

It is very difficult for the mind, almost impossible, to go inside. Outside, the whole sky is available, but the mind has no root going inside. That’s why meditation first silences the mind, puts it aside as if it does not exist. Only then, a new consciousness arises in you which moves inwards.

It is not a journey because it happens on its own accord. It is spontaneous - not something that you are doing, but something that you are being.

Your question goes on,.the trail before the summit suddenly disappears and he specifies: “Here there is no trail because for the right man there is no law.” Now if you start thinking about it, you are bound to go crazy. First, the search for the mountain, then the mountain disappears; even the trail to the mountain disappears. Now, you are hanging in a very precarious condition.

The old is lost, the new has not arrived, and you are standing in the middle. Neither can you go back nor can you go forward. But that is very significant because that’s where the whole world of mysticism wants you to be: in a place where you cannot go back and you cannot go forward - where you cannot go anywhere but within yourself.

All trails and all mountains disappear, and this is the point when you need the right man. That right man is not somebody else. You are that right man for whom all desires, all ambitions, all goals, all greed, in fact all time has disappeared. Just a single point of existence, of utter purity and blissfulness.You are the right man and for the right man there is no law.

That has puzzled many people, and many mystics have been condemned for this - not only condemned, Socrates was poisoned. The reason was the same, that he was teaching people to attain a situation where you are no longer under any law.

But the society thinks that a man who is above the law is dangerous. You cannot dictate to him what is right and what is wrong. Your courts and your constitutions and your legalities are all futile.

The right man knows exactly what is right.

The law exists for the wrong man, not for the right man. And because this whole world lives in a wrong psychology, whenever a right man appears, he seems to be such a stranger, an outsider that people start thinking he is going to corrupt us.

The charge against Socrates was, “He is going to corrupt people because he teaches a lawlessness, a freedom.” The same was the crime of Jesus - that he was a right man. The same was the case about Al-Hillaj Mansoor - that he was a right man.

Al-Hillaj Mansoor was the disciple of a great master, Junnaid. He realized his own spirituality and divinity, his own luminosity - which has been realized in the East as aham brahmasmi - even to the point of declaring: “I am the ultimate, I am the God.” It is not out of any ego. These people who were saying these things were very humble.

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