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Chapter 11: The Very Nature of Things

There are people around you driving you crazy. Otherwise everything is perfectly as it should be. This is the most perfect world, nothing is missing. But a few crackpots cannot sit at ease unless they drive a few other people into running after shadows which can never be realized.

And the more they feel they cannot be realized, the more meaninglessness, the more hopelessness, the more the feeling of utter emptiness.and a sadness settles and becomes thicker as time passes by.

Never accept any criterion that makes you miserable. Never accept any morality that makes you feel guilty. Never accept anything that is trying to enforce something upon you against your simple nature.

Just be yourself and you are perfect.

Move away from yourself and you are in for great trouble. Everybody is in trouble. My own experience of coming in contact with thousands of people is that I have never seen a man who is really miserable. On the contrary - I have seen people enjoying their misery, exaggerating their misery. One feels immensely compassionate that people who could have blossomed into beautiful flowers are shrunken. They have lost the way to their own home, and everybody is trying to help them to go somewhere else - “become a Buddha, become a Jesus, become a Moses.” But nobody ever says to you, “Just be yourself.”

What connection exists between you and Moses? What are the ties between you and Jesus Christ? But people are worshipping, praying, hoping that some day they will become the ideals of their imagination. Naturally they are always failures. You are a roseflower and you are going to be a roseflower. Let the whole world condemn or appreciate - it does not matter.

Once a man takes this stand that “I am going to assert myself” - it has nothing to do with ego, it is simply protecting yourself against a criminal world, corrupted for thousands of years. You have every right to protect yourself, not to be poisoned. And there will not be any need in you for any god, for any religion, for any moral code, for any methodology, for any effort to become enlightened. Just being natural is more than you can ever imagine.

Except man, the whole of existence is enlightened. Nobody is trying for anything else; everybody is at ease, at home with the universe.

One of the great scientists, Julian Huxley, has a certain hypothesis - there is no way to prove it, but it seems to have certain significance. After his whole life’s research he concludes that, “It seems something has gone wrong in the very mechanism of man. Because no tree seems to be in anxiety, no animal commits suicide in the wild, no animal becomes a homosexual in the wild.” But something strange happens in the zoos. When animals are kept in a zoo, they start getting some great qualities of your humanity: they become homosexuals. Animals have even been found to commit suicide in zoos. They become perverted, they start doing things which none of their ancestors have ever done, in millennia. What happens in the zoo? They become part of the human society. They start imitating human beings. They become distorted, they become unnatural.

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