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Chapter 15: Let Your Trust Grow

Ramakrishna looked at the painting and touched the feet of the painting. His disciples - Vivekananda and others - felt embarrassed: “What to do with our master? - because he does such things that even we look like fools. Now it is his own picture, and he is touching its feet. We had no idea that he would do this; otherwise we would have prevented him. And now he has done it, and people are laughing and smiling and looking at each other.”

There were many observers there who were not disciples. They asked, “They think this man is a realized soul? He seems to be insane! Even an insane person will not touch his own feet; at least he will recognize that ‘This is my own portrait; I cannot touch its feet.’”

The painter was also shocked, but he was not a disciple. So he gathered courage and said to Ramakrishna, “I cannot believe my eyes. This is your own portrait and you are touching your own feet! It looks a little awkward.”

And Ramakrishna’s eyes were full of tears of joy. He said, “It is my picture, I know, but I am not touching the feet because it is my picture. I am touching the feet because you have caught my state of samadhi in the picture. And when I see a picture of someone in samadhi. It does not matter whether that picture is of me or somebody else, that is irrelevant. What matters is that the picture is of a self-realized consciousness; then I have to touch its feet. And I cannot see why you are all looking so embarrassed.”

Now they all felt more embarrassed: “We are such idiots. We don’t understand; we should at least keep quiet. If we don’t understand, then it is better not to show any emotion. He has done something which nobody has done before, but his reason is so valid.”

The lama must be doing well in his meditations. If he can see what he has seen in my picture, that validates that he is on the right path, that his meditation is bringing flowers, that he is very close to the home.

I have heard you saying, “I love”: I have heard you saying “I hate.” What do you mean?
Osho, tell me the truth, for my feeling is that there is nothing up there - not even love, not even compassion.

Do I have to tell you the truth? It is a little bit difficult for me because it is not my habit - but the truth is there is no love, no hate.

Up there is absolute silence.