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Chapter 3: Heart Is the Soil - Trust Is the Climate

Their emphasis on the changing is to find the unchanging. A very strange approach, but very significant: more people have become enlightened through this process than any other. Just watch everything that is changing, so finally only the watcher remains.

Everything moves, only the mirror remains.

That mirror is you.

Realizing it is the greatest experience of life.

And those who have not realized this mystic rose have not lived at all. They simply pretended to live, carrying their suitcases.I told Sarjano, “Clean the grease from your suitcase.” And the second thing I have not told him, I thought he would understand himself, was that he should open the suitcase and give the things back to the people to whom they belong. I was thinking he would understand. But now, anybody who is missing anything can go to Sarjano, before he leaves for Italy. Of course the things will be a little greasy, but something is better than nothing. My suspicion is that even the suitcase is not his own. And he is here, sitting.

Don’t try to find the soil anywhere; don’t try to wait for any climate, any season, for that which is is already within you.

That’s why Mahakashyap laughed. Nobody in these twenty-five centuries has been able to explain why he laughed. In the tradition of Zen it has been asked continuously - in China, in Japan, in Taiwan, in Korea, in the whole East, continuously - in every mystic school it has been asked, “Why after all did Mahakashyap laugh?”

I have always wondered why this question has not been answered by anyone. Perhaps silence is the answer? But I feel that there is something more than silence, which can be brought to you in language.

Mahakashyap laughed when Gautam Buddha gave him the rose because, “What you are giving to me is already within myself. What kind of a joke.? And you are giving me a flower, which is going to die - and I know the flower, I have known it in your presence; you have been the cause, the one who has triggered the process. Now, after all this, you are giving me this rose!”

And he must have laughed at those ten thousand serious people, that something beautiful is happening and they are not even clapping!

Serious people are psychologically sick people. Even if they laugh, they laugh when the moment is passed. They laugh because others are laughing, so something must be there. Later on they will think, “My god, I was laughing? And I had no idea what the thing was.”

People take everything seriously. Now look at poor Niskriya - now he has become a Chinaman. Now he is incurable. I was trying to somehow announce that he is the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah and he is here sitting with closed eyes.

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