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Chapter 8: Dissolve Yourself

Life cannot be conquered because the part cannot conquer the whole. It is as if a small drop of water is trying to conquer the ocean. Yes, the small drop can fall into the ocean and become the ocean, but it cannot conquer the ocean. In fact, dropping into the ocean, slipping into the ocean is the way to conquer.

Dissolve yourself.

The Baul is one who is dissolved in life. He has said an absolute yes to life. He’s not trying to squeeze anything. He simply waits - passive, alert, available. When God knocks on his door the doors are always open, that’s all.

He is not chasing God. How can he chase? Where, in what ways, on what paths can we find him? Either he is everywhere or he is nowhere. You cannot address your life towards God, you cannot make a target out of him. He is the total. The total cannot be made a target. Wherever you look, he is. Whatsoever you do, you do in him. Even when you are miserable, you are miserable in him. Even in your misery you don’t lose him. He cannot be lost. That which can be lost is not God.

That is why Bauls call God adhar manush - the essential man, the essential consciousness. It is so essential you cannot lose it. It is your very ground, it is your being. He celebrates his body because he knows that someone who is of the beyond, the stranger, is residing in the body. The body is an abode. It is a temple, but not empty. It is full of light, it is full of life - God is there. Realizing this, he dances; realizing this, he sings; realizing this, he smiles and cries and weeps, and tears roll down his face. Seeing the miracle: “I have not earned him and he is here, I have not even sought him and he is here, I have not even begged and he is here” - a great, tremendous gratitude arises. The Baul dances because of it.

Now let me say this: the American is trying to find happiness, hence his overconcern with the body. It is almost an obsession. It has gone beyond the limits of concern, it has become obsessive: continuously thinking about the body, doing this and that and all sorts of things. He is making an effort to have some contact with happiness through the body. That is not possible.

The Baul has attained it. He has already seen it inside himself. He has looked deep into his body, not through massage, not through Rolfing, not through a sauna bath. He has looked into it through love and meditation and he has found that it is there, the treasure is there. Hence he worships his body; hence he is careful about his body because the body is carrying the divine.

Have you watched how a woman walks when she is pregnant? - so careful, because a new life is enshrined in her. Have you seen the transfiguration that comes to the face of a woman when she becomes pregnant? Her face is luminous, hopeful, throbbing with new life, new possibility.

Look at Prafulla; she is pregnant now. Look at her face - how transfigured, how happy she looks. She is carrying a treasure, a great treasure. A new life is going to be created through her. She walks carefully, moves carefully. A grace has arisen in her because she is pregnant. She is no longer alone - her body has become a temple. This is just to make you understand.

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