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Chapter 8: Sincerity in the Search

I was staying in a town. Mulla Nasruddin deceived somebody. He said he could double rupees just by magic, and he showed the trick. He doubled a one-hundred-rupee note. It was just a trick but the person was impressed. So the person brought all, whatsoever he had. He was not a very rich man, but whatsoever he had - ornaments, gold, precious stones, money - whatsoever he had he put before Nasruddin. Then he played the game and he disappeared with the whole lot.

Now the man came to me and said, “Why do you allow such cunning people with you?” I said, “You are cunning - that’s why he could exploit you. You wanted your money to be doubled without any effort - that’s why he could exploit you. If you were innocent, how could you be exploited? Your logic and his logic were not different. What were you expecting from him? He exploited your greed. He exploited because you were ready to be exploited. Can’t you see the whole nonsense of it?” I told him, “If it is in my power, then I will send you both to the jail, because you are a participant. He alone is not responsible. In fact, his responsibility is secondary to you. If you were not ready how could he exploit you?”

So don’t call those people sincere, innocent, who are exploited by cunning people. No, they must have some cunningness in themselves; they must be looking for shortcuts, for nirvana. Then anybody can exploit you.

Somebody comes and says, “This will do. Just a mantra - you have to repeat it twenty minutes in the morning, twenty minutes in the evening, and you will attain to perfect bliss.” Now he is delivering something so cheap - you call it Transcendental Meditation or something, whatsoever you want - and if he asks a hundred-dollar fee what is wrong in it? And you say this man is exploiting. He is not exploiting your innocence; innocence cannot be exploited. An innocent man will understand - “How is it possible? Just by uttering ‘Rama, Rama, Rama,’ twenty minutes in the morning and evening and you become enlightened?”

Be reasonable, and if you are unreasonable and he asks a hundred-dollar fee, he is asking simply something that fits with your logic. And you pay the hundred-dollar fee, and then you think that he has been exploiting you!

Nobody can exploit you unless you are ready to be exploited, nobody can deceive you unless you are ready to be deceived. The responsibility is yours, so be alert, be reasonable. Don’t be a fool, otherwise somebody is bound to - somebody is bound to become your guru. And then don’t go on shouting and crying and making a fuss about it that you have been exploited. You wanted to go to nirvana very cheap.

Always remember - you fall into bondage because you want to become a slave. You cannot remain free, that’s why you fall into a sort of bondage. But it is you, otherwise nobody can imprison you. You are afraid of freedom, you are afraid of growing, you are afraid of facing life as it is.

So from somewhere or other, sometimes from Korea - Moon comes from Korea; sometimes from India - Muktananda comes from India; sometimes from Japan.and of course these people have to come from the East because the East has the credit of being religious, spiritual.

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