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Chapter 4: Right Now

It is the same. Buddha is reported to have said: “Go to the sea and taste the sea water. Anywhere you go the sea water tastes the same.” Such is the quality of buddhas. You can taste from me, you can taste from Ramakrishna, you can taste from Krishnamurti, you can taste from Jesus.. The difference is only from where you taste it The ghat, the bank, may be different but the ocean is the same. Wherever you taste it, it will taste the same: the same saltiness, the same flame.

So there is nothing wrong in it. Don’t feel guilty in any way. When you are in love, you have to be mad. In love and reasonable? - nobody has ever heard about it. If your love is reasonable, it will not be much of a love. When you are in love, you are mad.

When Majnu says anything about Laila it is not a scientific statement. But still it has a truth: the truth of Majnu’s heart. It does not say anything about Laila; it says something about Majnu’s love. But that love is also true.

So don’t be guilty about it in any way. This is the only way you will proceed. But don’t cling to it. Move; go on and on. A greater consciousness is waiting for you - where love becomes aware, where love becomes consciousness, where love flares up and becomes light. There you will understand that all are one and the same. And in enlightenment the personality disappears, the personality of a Buddha or Jesus, and only the ocean remains - with the same taste.

It is your love. Good. Be happy about it, but don’t be content with it, don’t think that it is enough. Good, but more is possible.

Always look ahead and always try to transcend the state you are in. There comes a moment when nothing remains to be transcended. That is realization.

The third question:

Do all enlightened masters sound as egoistic as you do?

It is bound to be so. They sound egoistic because they cannot be humble in the sense you understand humility. Try to understand. It is a delicate point. Whatsoever you call humbleness is a function of the ego. It is a modified ego. The enlightened person has no ego so he cannot have a modified ego, he cannot be humble. He cannot be humble in the sense you can understand.

Otherwise Krishna will not be able to say to Arjuna: “Leave everything, and come to my feet. I am the God who created the whole existence” Sarva dharman parityajya mamekam sharanam vraj. “Come to my feet” - what egoism! And Jesus will not be able to say: “I am the door, I am the way, I am the truth, I and my father in heaven are one. Those who follow me will be saved. Only those who follow me will be saved.” And when Buddha attained to buddhahood, he declared to the skies, to the heavens: “I have attained the unattainable!”

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