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Chapter 6: Herald a New Dawn

It will be created by the very fact that many, many intelligent people, youthful, alive, are ready to take the challenge of an unknown future. Slowly slowly, a category will form by itself.

There are barriers for the rebel-to-come. The most important barrier is that he has to go against the crowd, and the crowd has all the power. The rebel is very vulnerable, as vulnerable as a roseflower. You can destroy it very easily; you can crucify a rebel without any difficulty.

But I am now feeling a tremendous certainty that the rebel is going to be born - perhaps he is already born. It will just take people a little time to recognize him; he is so new, he does not fit in any category. Hence, some time gap is needed to create a category and to recognize him.

Why am I so certain? I am so certain because man has come to a crisis which he has never encountered before. He has to choose either for a new man or for committing global suicide - and I don’t think that people are going to choose global suicide. That is my guarantee, that is my hope that the new man is bound to arise.

The days of the old man are over. He has lived too long, almost posthumously. He should have been dead long ago, but he has been dragging his corpse. Now his time is finished. He himself has created the situation in which only the new man, the rebellious man - rebelling against all religions, governments, establishments and vested interests - can survive. He will rebel against all that has been keeping man blind, holding him a prisoner, forcing him to live in dark tunnels, never allowing him to know the beauties of life.

The old man has created such a situation, which was bound to happen; it was coming by and by.. Each war was becoming more and more dangerous.

Albert Einstein was asked, “Do you have something to say about the third world war?”

He said, “I am sorry. I cannot say anything about the third world war, but if you want to know about the fourth, I can say something.”

The man who had asked the question simply could not believe it. If he could not say anything about the third, what could he say about the fourth?

He asked him, unbelievingly, “Okay, what can you say about the fourth?”

And Albert Einstein said, “The fourth will never happen - that much can be said about the fourth! About the third, nothing can be said.”

All your great warriors, all your historical figures, all your so-called great men have brought death so close that now man has to choose. There is no other alternative than a new man. The old man has erased himself out of existence.

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