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Chapter 29: Rebel or Robot?

Even if you are in a coma, for months unconscious, your body continues to function. Each cell goes on functioning, each nerve goes on functioning, goes on doing its work. It is a miracle that without there being any bureaucracy, without there being any regimentation, any controlling system, the body goes on functioning perfectly well.

In fact, if you interfere then the functioning is not perfect. For example, you can try one day.. You have never thought about it: you go on eating all kinds of things, and once they go down your throat you never bother about them, about what happens to them. You think the real work is finished - it has only begun. The real work is not eating and swallowing, the real work is after that. And it is tremendous.

It goes on so silently - no noise, no quarrel, no strike, no problem. All food is being separated, divided, being sent to different parts where it is needed. Blood is continuously carrying all nourishment to every corner of the body and in return taking back all the used remains which are of no more use - dead cells, taking them back.

How does the blood decide what is nourishment, and what has to be sent to a particular spot and delivered there? And what is dead, used, is dangerous if it is left in the system, because it will become poisonous it has to be taken out as quickly as possible and delivered to the place from where it can be thrown out of the body. You are throwing out in many ways all that is dangerous inside the body, not only through defecation and urination and perspiration - no, there are so many other ways.

Your hairs are dead cells. That’s why when you cut your hair you are not hurt. Cut another part of your body, and you will know! The hairs are dead, they are dead cells. Your nails are dead cells; a certain kind of dead cell, which cannot be thrown in any other way, is being thrown in this way.

The whole body is the true meaning of “organism.”

A commune is an organism.

In that sense it is an organization.

So first you have to understand that the commune consists of rebels. And no idiot can be a rebel, only a very intelligent person can be a rebel. For the idiot, the stupid, the mediocre, it is easier to remain with the orthodox conventions, traditions; with the crowd, with the mob.

To be a rebel means you are going on your own:

You are leaving the crowd.

You need courage, you need intelligence.

You have to be a gambler:

You enjoy risking even your very life.

And my commune consists only of rebels.

Now, when intelligent people are together there is no need of any hierarchy. There is no need of anybody telling you “right turn, left turn, turn about, forward march.” That kind of thing is needed for retarded people.

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