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Chapter 7: Man Is an Empty Temple

Now he will haunt you. Now he will create trouble for you. Now you will have to search for this beauty. You will have to go into many things. “Now this is unnecessary.” It looks unnecessary. “Better destroy this man, better destroy this criterion.” Once the criterion is no more there, nobody can prove that you are empty, impotent, a beggar; nobody can prove that you are ugly; nobody can prove that you are missing anything. Destroy Jesus and relapse back into your sleep! That’s what the Jews did.

But I would like to tell you again, that’s what would have happened anywhere else. Jesus was too much. Yes, I say, even in India Jesus would have been crucified.

A question may arise in you: Buddha was not crucified, Mahavira was not crucified, then why Jesus?

Yes, I say, still Jesus would have been crucified. Jesus brings a new message. Buddha is silent; his message is only for those who come to him, those who come to seek and search. He does not go to the masses, he is not active. His rebellion is a presence. Jesus goes to the masses, Jesus goes very active!

Buddha’s rebellion is inactive, passive. Jesus’ rebellion is very active, and that is the problem. Mahavira’s rebellion was also very passive, so was Lao Tzu’s. These are people who are utterly at ease, silent in themselves, happy with themselves. If somebody comes and partakes of their being, good; if nobody comes, they are not going to invite. Jesus drags you into awareness, he hits you hard. He comes searching for you whether you are ready or not. He has said to his disciples “Go and stand on the tops of the houses and shout.because people are deaf. You will have to shout. Give the good message, the good news, that I have come. shout from the housetops!”

Buddha cannot say that. Lao Tzu.not at all. It was even difficult to find where Lao Tzu was, people had to search for him for months together. And once he would come to know that somebody is searching for him, he would escape, he would remove himself from one village to another. He would create all kinds of problems. He would allow only those who really were seekers, who were ready to sacrifice all.

With Jesus it is just the opposite - he haunts you, he goes searching for you. He says he is like a shepherd who comes home in the night, counts his sheep, finds that one is missing, leaves the ninety-nine there in the dark night, in danger, and goes with a lamp to search for the one which is lost in the jungle, in the dark night - shouting, calling, searching. Yes, Jesus is like that. He is a revolutionary rebel.

Buddha is rebellion, pure rebellion. Silent is his message. Those who understand, they will understand; those who don’t understand, they need not worry, they can ignore him. He allows people to ignore him.

Jesus does not allow people to ignore him. He shouts. He pokes his fingers into people’s eyes. His compassion is great. He is a surgeon. With Buddha you may have a little bit of medicine. Jesus is a surgeon, he operates; and of course the operation hurts.

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