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Chapter 4: Kundalini Yoga: Returning to the Roots

As I see the situation, modern man has changed so much. He needs the new: new methods, new techniques. Of course, the truth is always eternal - it is never new and never old - but the truth is the realization, the end. Means are always relevant or irrelevant to a particular person and to a particular mind, a particular attitude.

Chaotic methods will help the modern mind because the modern mind is itself going chaotic. That - that chaos, that rebelliousness in the modern man - is in fact a rebellion of other centers of the body, of other centers of the being, which have been too suppressed. This rebellion of the modern man is a rebellion of the heart and of the navel against the brain. If you take it in yogic reference the modern rebellion is against the brain.

The brain has usurped the whole territory of the human soul. It has monopolized. It cannot be tolerated further. That’s why universities have become the centers of rebellion. It is not accidental. Universities will be the centers of the rebellion in the coming days, because they are the centers of the brain. Universities can be destroyed - that’s possible, and is becoming more and more possible - because they are the centers of the brain. In the society the university is the brain; in the body your brain is the university. They correspond. If the whole society is in an organic body, then the university is the head, the brain.

Modern mind is bound to be leaning toward chaos, and chaotic methods will be helpful. They will be helpful in twofold ways. One: they will transform the center of consciousness. And another: they will take rebellion out of you. If my method is used, then a person will never be rebellious, because the cause is fulfilled. He will not destroy the university, because his center of consciousness has gone in. Now he doesn’t feel any grudge. He is at ease.

So to me, meditation is not only a salvation for the individual - a transformation for the individual - but of a greater significance. It can be a groundwork for transformation of the whole society, the whole human being as such. Either man will have to commit suicide, or he will have to transform himself.