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Chapter 2: Towards the Birth of a New Man

Is it not fair that inquisitiveness in children be encouraged, that they should not be shackled with readymade solutions? They should be helped in developing their own questions; borrowed answers should not be dumped on them. If education can only send them out on the great journey of discovering the truth of life, its work is over.

In my view, the teacher is one who arouses the dormant questioning in children, awakens inquisitiveness and makes children fearless and courageous enough to find solutions for themselves. One can be a teacher in this sense only if he himself is free from prejudices and biases.

That is why becoming a teacher needs endeavor full of devotion. A soul with awareness, rebelliousness and alertness is required for becoming a teacher. A teacher in whom the fire of rebellion is missing will become, knowingly or unknowingly, a broker for some vested interest some morality, some religion or some politics. Such a teacher will impose his beliefs and biases, of which he himself is a prisoner, on the children.

If a teacher is free, then only can he be a messenger of freedom to his students. That is why I said that to be a teacher is a great endeavor full of devotion. It is a great rebellion. Within the teacher there should be a burning flame of thinking, contemplation and rebellion. He has to destroy many things so that he can create. He has to obliterate many things to enable himself to do something new. He has to put fire to the heaps of rubbish accumulated over many generations, and he has to cut the useless weeds and grass that have grown, and clear the ground of mind so that the flowers of love and beauty can be grown there.

This is a great responsibility. If the teacher is able to fulfill this requirement, only then a new man and new humanity can take birth.