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Chapter 15: Truth Said, Truth Dead

What are you preparing us, your sannyasins, for?

I am preparing my sannyasins for everything and nothing. The second is more important. The first is only a preparation for the second.

“Everything” includes everything that is necessary for a person to get to his being, to be fulfilled, to be contented, to be in that ultimate state where there is no desire, no need; where one is sufficient unto oneself.

That blessed state is the state of nothingness.

Everything that is needed to reach nothingness implies a few fundamentals.

The first fundamental is to be a rebel.

All the religions destroy the potential of rebellion in man. Obviously - because to teach rebellion means to teach these people to rebel against tradition, against convention, against society, against religion; and these are their vested interests. Rebellion has to be absolutely slaughtered. But the moment the spirit of rebellion dies in a man, man lives only a posthumous existence - because the spirit of rebellion is your real spirit.

All the religions have taught just the opposite.

They teach you to believe.

I teach you to doubt.

They teach you to have faith.

I teach you to inquire.

They give you everything ready-made. And I am telling you that unless you attain it by your own effort it is absolutely useless. A God that is handed over to you is worth nothing.

A holy scripture that comes through tradition.to simply imbibe it like a parrot is suicidal. You are poisoning yourself because the more knowledgeable you become, the less is the possibility for you to seek, search and find.

Once you get this stupid idea that you know already, the question of inquiry does not arise. The question of inquiry arises only when you feel that you know nothing.

But no religion lets you know that you know nothing. They go on forcing knowledge, catechisms, doctrines, dogmas on you. They are stuffing your mind with all kinds of empty words. A word is always empty unless it contains your experience.

My word cannot be a real nourishment to you. It will be empty - it is only the container. The content? - there is no way to convey the content. I can pass you the container, the word, but how can I pass you my experience which is always left behind? The word goes to you and I see an empty, dead word in your hand. And the thing that I wanted to express, to convey, to transfer, is left behind; it never leaves my being.

Hence, truth is inexpressible.

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