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Chapter 28: Death Never Happens

There are so many - eight hundred thousand - sannyasins around the world. It is going to be a difficult task for death to take me away from my people. I am not alone, I have penetrated into your beings. I have dispersed myself into so many beings that it is almost impossible for death to collect me unless I help.

Don’t just feel grateful. If you are grateful, it is good, but not enough. Become what you are, be what you are. Let me rejoice! My only joy is to see somebody coming home.

I will wait till eternity. You can go on and on befooling yourself, but remember - I am waiting, and I want you to be enlightened. I want it to become the most important historical fact in human existence, that thousands of people relax into their ordinariness and become enlightened. Yes, in the past it was so that after thousands of years one person may become enlightened. I don’t live in that bullock-cart age, I am a contemporary man. I want you to become enlightened with jet speed - and it is possible. I am not asking the impossible.

You have given so much to me.

You go on giving so much to me.

I wonder.what have I done? Where have I gone wrong? - that so many people for no reason go on pouring their love on one who deserves nothing. And your love goes on growing. As your love goes on growing, I become healthier and healthier.

Soon I am going to dance with you!

Hearing you talk about your rebellious attitude in your childhood, I feel connected to that, because I did the same. I struggled hard not to be repressed, but somehow they got me in the end. Half-heartedly I compromised. Why was your rebellion not disturbed by anything?

The first thing to be remembered by all: never compare yourself with anybody, not even with me. Everybody is so different, and everybody passes through different phases, different paths. There is no similarity.

Don’t deceive yourself by saying that you have been as rebellious as I was in my childhood. You were not rebellious, you were only reactionary. Yes, you fought against repression, but your fight was the fight of the ego.

My fight was not the fight of the ego. My family, my neighbors, my friends, my teachers, professors - it took a little time for them, but soon they realized that I was not struggling for my ego. Soon it became clear to them that my struggle had a totally different quality to it. I was struggling to find myself. I was struggling so that they could not create a false ego as a substitute for my self.

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