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Chapter 19: Relish the Mystery in the Depths of Your Heart

Early in his sutras he said that one has to go beyond good and evil. Now good becomes worship.

Those who fail to cultivate the inner meaning and concentrate instead on the outward expression never stop indulging in ignorance, hatred and evil while exhausting themselves to no avail. They can deceive others with postures, remain shameless before sages and vain before mortals, but they’ll never escape the wheel, much less achieve any merit.

It is a strange compilation of sutras. He goes really deep, like a sharp sword cutting all that is wrong, to the point. When he is asked the ultimate question, ‘From where does ignorance arise?’ He cannot answer it and he is not humble enough to accept that he doesn’t know. He gets into such a mess that after that every question remains unanswered; he pretends to answer it, but the answer is not even related to the question.

If this can happen to a man like Bodhidharma.. You have to be aware. My insistence that you don’t belong to any religion, don’t belong to any doctrine, don’t belong to any scripture, is for the simple reason that your whole and total commitment should be to truth and not for anything else. Your commitment should not be divided, otherwise you will have to make a compromise, which will make anybody who understands feel that you have gone either insane, or senile, or mad. But one thing is certain: you have lost the path.

Bodhidharma himself may not, in his innermost core, have lost his enlightenment - enlightenment cannot be lost - but he has defiled it. His enlightenment is not anymore so clean, so bright, not any more a pillar of light. And just for the simple business of an organized religion..

Humanity will never be religious unless all organized religions disappear and religion becomes an individual commitment towards existence, so no question of compromise arises.

Let me say to you: Religion is rebellious, and the man of religion is a rebel. He is rebellious against all orthodoxy, against all traditions, against all organizations, against all ideologies. His only love is for truth, and his whole love is for truth. Only such a man finds it. Others only wander into ignorance, into dreams, into sleep - and they suffer.