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Chapter 10: Put Yourself Aside

I’ve been really rebellious and resistant to you. Whenever you say something in the discourse that I don’t like, I cough. It is not as deliberate as all that, but I’ve discovered there’s a very close connection.

Very good! This is a good discovery!

And I like you

Very good. When you like me, what do you do?

Well, I’d like to lick you!

That’s good. Nothing to worry about.

I had a conversation this afternoon with the Christian in me. I want to feel in contact with Jesus, but my perfectionistic attitudes and fear of “the wrath of God” are stopping me from entering with my whole heart into life and into sex. So I’m miserable.

It is good to feel rebellious sometimes; it is part of growth.

It is natural and human sometimes to feel disagreement, to sometimes feel you would like to say no. But that is good; that is the way the real yes is born. If you say yes too easily, without saying any no, your yes will be impotent. So when a rebellious person becomes obedient, there is real obedience. When an obedient person becomes obedient it is nothing much. So that is very good. Don’t be worried about it and don’t suppress it. It’s okay, it’s okay. It will go.

If you can agree with me one percent, then you cannot escape. Ninety-nine percent you may disagree with me, but that’s not the point. If I can get a small space within you, just one percent, that’s enough. Then I will enter deeper, and you cannot do anything else. Then that one percent will become two percent, and two percent, three percent - and by and by you will see you are gone.

Christianity creates condemnation - and condemnation has to be dropped. One has to drop it, and to drop it without any effort. If you drop it with effort, then something of it will go on clinging, a hangover will remain. To drop a thing perfectly, just to understand it is enough.

You need to understand that you are body: body-rooted, body-oriented, living in the body. You may not be the body but you are living in it, and the body has its needs which have to be fulfilled. A religion that does not accept the body is only a half religion, and can only give you a half mutation. Half of you will remain undeveloped and that half will function as a rock around your neck.

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