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Chapter 7: You Are the Source

The same type of people are gathering around me again. I am not here for cowards. Cowards have many other places in the world, many people to help them - to help them to remain cowards forever. I exist here only for the courageous, the adventurous: people who are ready to risk and risk all, people who are ready to get involved, committed, people who are ready to stake everything for liberation, for transformation, for attaining the ultimate truth.

The sutras of today are very pregnant, small statements. That’s exactly what a sutra means. A sutra means an essential statement, with no elaboration, with no explanation, with no decoration - just the bare, naked core of it. It was needed in those days, because people had to remember the sutras. Hence they had to be very condensed, they had to be telegraphic so people could remember for centuries, because they would go from one generation to another just as part of people’s memories. Books were not in existence, printing had not come into existence. People had to remember, hence the device of the sutra. A sutra means a maxim, just the very essential core, but if you remember it you can always decode it. And that’s what I am doing here: decoding these sutras for you.

A man had three daughters. One day a friend came to see him and during the conversation asked what the daughters’ names were.

The father said that the eldest was called S.C., the middle one, M.C., and the youngest, D.C.

“What does all that mean?” the friend asked.

The father replied, “The eldest, S.C., was born out of ‘sheer curiosity’; the middle one, M.C., by ‘mutual consent’; and the youngest, D.C., by ‘damn carelessness.’”

Just watch your life - more or less it is damn carelessness, it is D.C.! Whatsoever you are, you are accidentally, like driftwood. You have not chosen to be whatsoever you are; you have not taken a conscious decision about it, you have not willed it so. You have just been at the mercy of the winds. Just look at your whole life, how things have been happening to you. Just accidents!

A woman meets you and you fall in love, because she has a beautiful nose. Now the nose is determining your life! Or she has blond hair or a beautiful shape. Just watch what is determining your behavior, your future! Now, the color of her hair or the way the woman walks or the way she sings or the color of her eyes - are these the things that will determine your love? - because your love is going to change your life! But that’s how things happen.

Since the invention of the car things have changed, because the area of accidents has become very big. Otherwise people used to fall in love in their own neighborhood; now the range is bigger. Now young people have their own cars, within hours they can reach hundreds of miles away. In the past, people used to fall in love within the neighborhood - somebody living next door or somebody living in the same house. The car has changed the whole pattern of people’s lives, their love affairs.

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