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Chapter 9: A Divine Well

The greatest fear in the world is that of God, because God is both death to the ego and birth, a rebirth of consciousness. But you don’t know about the rebirth; you can only feel the death. You are just like a small child who is just going to be born, is in the womb. For nine months he has lived a certain life of comfort, convenience. in fact, never again will he be so comfortable. The womb is so comfortable, so warm. He is without any responsibility; he has not to go to work in the factory or office. He simply receives everything ready-made - no worries, no fears, no responsibilities, no anxieties. He simply rests, sleeps twenty-four hours.

And then suddenly comes the moment when he has to be born. The child becomes afraid, because the child can only see that this life is going to be destroyed - the life that he has been living for these nine months. He cannot see a different life - a life of open sky and air and sun, a tremendous opportunity to grow. He cannot see. How can he see? He has no idea of it.

He can only see this: that the life he has been living is going to be destroyed. The birth to the child looks like death. He is afraid, he trembles, he doesn’t want to get out of the womb.

The same happens again when you reach nearer to another rebirth of consciousness, where again you find another world - the world of God, called “the kingdom of God” - of infinite light, of eternal beauty, of absolute truth. But you know your life: the life of the market, the life of the family, the house, the money, the ambition, the desire, the body - you know this. And moving towards God means going away from this. It looks like death. God is death, because God is rebirth also.

That’s why Jesus says:

“If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.”

And the same I say unto you. If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink, because yet a little while more am I with you. And then I go unto him that sent me. Remember, I am not repeating. I am not interested in commenting on Jesus. Through Jesus, I am again creating a situation which is absolutely new - or absolutely ancient, which is the same.

If any of you really feels thirsty, then the possibility is available. Don’t miss it! And you can miss it. You can find a thousand and one excuses to miss it. Don’t listen to those excuses; drop those excuses. Seek your thirst. If you are thirsty, then I am ready to become a well for you. The thirst can disappear, and only when your thirst disappears, for the first time you will feel what life is and its meaning - the beauty of it, the glory of it. Then life will become a decoded message to you. Up until now, you are carrying the seed. The message is there, but undeciphered.

Let me help you. If you are thirsty, don’t try to escape from me. Let me help you.

Enough for today.