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Chapter 21: Become a Gardener

Then the father came after one year and he asked his sons. The first son was very happy because he thought, “The youngest has destroyed them. How can he return the seeds, the same seeds? How can he return them? Now they have become plants and are flowering. And the second has also missed because he has changed the seeds, he has purchased new ones. He went to the market and purchased new seeds.”

The second thought, “The first will miss because his seeds will already be rotten, useless, dead. And the third has already missed because the seeds were to be preserved - exactly, literally - and he has not preserved them. I am going to win!”

But the third never thought about winning, he was not interested in any victory. He was simply interested in one thing: “Father said the seeds have to be preserved. And seeds are a phase, not a goal. The only way to preserve them is to allow them to grow. And now the flowers have come, and soon seeds will be coming in millions.” And he was just happy that his father would be happy.

Then the father came and he told the first son, “You are stupid. Seeds are not to be preserved in safety vaults, they are not to be preserved in banks, because if you preserve a seed you kill it. A seed can be preserved only if it is allowed to die into the soil, and allowed to be reborn.”

He said to the second son, “You did better than the first, because you understood that the old seeds would die. But the quantity remains the same, and a seed, if preserved, becomes a millionfold; if a seed is preserved, it becomes a millionfold. You did better than the first, but you have also missed.”

And then he asked the third son who took his father to the garden and said, “I have not preserved them in the safe, I have not sold them in the market, I have thrown them into the ground. These are the seeds, but now they have become plants, and the plants are flowering, and soon there will be many seeds. If you want seeds, I will return them to you a millionfold.”

The father said, “You have won! You will be the king of this kingdom, because the only way to preserve a seed is to allow it to die so that it is reborn.”

That’s what Jesus says: If you bring forth that within yourselves, that which you have will save you. If you do not have that within yourselves, that which you do not have will kill you. But you have not looked at all within, you have not even had a single glimpse. So whatsoever you have is going to destroy you, it cannot save you. You may have wealth, you may have power, you may have many things of this world, but nothing is going to save you. On the contrary, that weight of the world is going to drown you. You have gathered much weight, and that is what is already drowning you, your boat is already half-drowned. You cannot leave the boat either, because all your possessions are there, you have to carry them to the other shore. But the possessions belong to this shore, and they cannot go to the other shore.

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