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Chapter 11: Remaining Closed to the Lower: A Technique for Transformation

In this desperate spiritual situation, how can we get help from advanced souls in the astral world? How can we become open to the higher?

There is an old saying: “When the disciple is ready, the teacher appears.” The disciple cannot find the teacher; it is impossible. Only the teacher can find the disciple. Only one who knows himself can know someone else. Then it is easy.

When you are ready, the whole universe begins to help you. There is no need to ask for any astral help, there is no need to go anywhere, help is always being given - a need is always fulfilled. But one has to be ready, one has to be in a state of mind where universal forces can help you. So it is not a positive search, because you cannot seek astral help; help depends on your receptivity, your readiness.

Higher forces are present everywhere, every moment. This very moment you are surrounded by both higher forces and lower forces, but you are receptive only to the lower.

You can either be open to higher forces or you can be open to lower forces; you cannot be open to both. The very mechanism of consciousness is such that if you are open to the lower you will be closed to the higher, and if you are open to the higher you will automatically become closed to the lower. We have only one opening, so it is your choice in which direction to move.

The first thing to be understood is how to be closed to lower forces and how to be open to higher forces. Higher forces are always there, but they cannot work unless you cooperate with them, unless you give yourself to them. The moment you are open to them the work begins - when the doors are open, the sun can come in. Your doors are closed. The sun is there, this very moment it is knocking on the door, but you are in darkness. You will remain in darkness not because the sun is not there but because your doors are closed. You have not invited the sun, you are not receptive to it. You are still not prepared to be a host - the invitation has not been sent.

How can one become closed to the lower forces and open to the higher forces? We are not even aware that we are open to the lower forces and yet we are in search of higher forces that can work on us..

For example, when someone loves you, you are always suspicious, always doubtful of it. Is the love true or not? Are you really loved or not? Is the person being authentic or deceptive? When someone is angry you never doubt whether he is really angry or just being deceptive, whether he is playing a role or is authentic. There is no doubt. It is always taken for granted that anger is authentic, but love is never taken for granted. You always believe the lower; you have a deep-rooted faith in the lower.

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