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Chapter 4: Love, Grace and Divinity

That is why you can never rely on your friendships, because at the base there is an enemy. You have only made a facade - a facade of friendship. You have artificially added something. But somewhere at the base you always know there is the enemy - the other is the enemy. So even with a friend you are not at ease. Even with your lover you are not at ease. Whenever there is someone you are tense - the enemy is there. Of course, the tension becomes less if you have created a facade of friendship. It is less, but it is there.

There are reasons why this attitude has developed so - evolutionary reasons. Man has come out of the jungle. The whole of evolution has seen so many stages, so many animal stages. Also, the body physiologically knows, because the body is not yours. When I say “my body” I am claiming something which cannot be claimed. My body has come through centuries of development. The basic cell is inherited. In my basic cell I inherit all that has existed before me - all the animals, all the trees, all that have existed and that have contributed to my basic cell.

In my basic cell there is accumulated the whole experience of conflict, struggle, violence, aggression. Each cell carries the whole evolutionary struggle that has preceded it. Physiologically - also mentally - your mind has not evolved in this life. It has come to you. Long is the journey - it may be even longer than the body itself. Because the body evolved on this earth, it cannot be more than four crore years old. It cannot be older than the earth. But the first mind came from another planet.

Mind has still deeper evolutionary experiences, and all those experiences make you violent and aggressive. One has to be aware of this total phenomenon. Unless one is aware one cannot be free from the past. The whole problem is to be free from the past, and this past is something very great - incomprehensibly great.

All that has lived is still living in you. All that has been is still in you in seed - in potentiality. You come from the past. You are the past. This past-oriented mind goes on creating aggression, goes on thinking in terms of aggression.

So when religion says, “Be receptive” the advice goes unheard. The mind cannot think how it can be receptive. Mind has known just one thing in which it has been only receptive, and that is death - in which the mind has not been able to do anything, could not act. The only thing that the mind has known in which it has to be receptive is death. So whenever someone says, “Be receptive” somewhere in the shadows you feel death. If I say, “Be receptive,” the mind will say, “Then you will die. Be aggressive if you want to exist and survive. The fittest survives. The most aggressive one survives. If you are just receptive you will die.”

That is why receptivity is never understood - not heard, not understood. This receptivity has been said in so many ways. When someone says, “Surrender,” it means to be receptive. Surrender means: do not be aggressive. When someone says, “Be faithful,” it means, “Be receptive.”

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