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Chapter 8: It Is Just a Joke

It has happened. And so I know it is going to happen to you. Just persist. Don’t get discouraged by mistakes and errors. Get up again, have another try. It is a groping in the dark. But the door is there, so if you go on groping enough, you will stumble upon the door.

That’s why religion can never become a science - never! It will always remain a groping. At the most it can be an art and that so subtle that it cannot be taught. So I insist to you: go on groping.

One day it happens. How it happens, why it happens, remains a mystery. In fact nobody has ever been able to exactly say how it happens. If somebody can say how it happens, a science can be created. Then you know the technique. Then you can do a certain act, and it happens.

It has happened millions of times, but there is no causality in it, so you cannot determine how it happens. It can be caused. Each time it happens it happens uniquely! Each time it happens it happens in such a new way that it has never happened before like that. And it will not happen again like that. Because each individual is so different, so unique, so individual, that the happening is going to be different. From my continuous reminding you, don’t start longing for it. Allow it to happen - don’t desire it. In desire you become active, aggressive. in allowing you simply wait, in deep receptivity. Waiting for the guest, standing by your door.. Nothing can be done! When the guest will come, he will come! You be ready to receive, that’s all.

Not desiring creates receptivity. Desiring makes you aggressive. Desire makes you active, non-desiring makes you inactive - that’s what Lao Tzu says by wu-wei, action by inaction, doing things by not doing them.

Don’t desire - and it happens. Desire - and you have missed. Don’t prefer, and it is there. Seek - and you go infinitely seeking, and you never attain to it.

Deep receptivity.

This is the mechanism of desire: if you desire, your whole energy becomes active, aggressive - it moves, it becomes male. If you don’t desire, the same energy becomes receptivity, it does not move out, it does not go anywhere, it simply waits, awaits deeply, it becomes feminine. Hence the insistence of Lao Tzu on feminine energy.

The world is the manifestation of male energy. And enlightenment, the other world, the other shore, is the manifestation of feminine energy.

Wait like a beloved. And any moment it can happen - you will be surprised! Whenever it happens, everybody to whom it happens is surprised - surprised by the fact that he was not doing anything and it has happened. Taken aback! Cannot believe it! Unbelievably true! Absurd! Because when he was doing everything it never happened, it didn’t happen, and now he was not doing anything - and suddenly it is there!

In non-doing your energy is in a deep rest. It becomes pure, tranquil.

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