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Chapter 3: The Bee Has Received Its Invitation

Then fifth is visuddha, sixth is agya, and seventh is sahasrar. With the fifth, love becomes more and more meditative, more and more prayerful. With the sixth, love is no more a relationship. It is not even a prayer - it has become a state of being. It is not that you love somebody, no. Now it is something like you are love. It is not a question of loving - your very energy is love. You cannot do otherwise. Now love is the natural flow - just as you breathe, so you love; it is an unconditional state. And with the seventh is samadhi, sahasrar: you have arrived home.

In Christian theology you can find the same allegory in the story that God created the world in six days and on the seventh day he rested. Those six days are six chakras - the six centers of being. The seventh is rest: one has arrived home, one rests. That allegory has not been understood well. Christians, and particularly Christian theologians, never go very deep. Their understanding remains superficial - at the most, logical, theoretical, but never touches the real point. God created the world: first he created matter, and last he created man. For five days he was creating everything else in the world - matter, animals, birds - then on the sixth day he created man. And in the last moment of the sixth day he created woman. Now this is very symbolic: woman is the last creation - even man is not the last. And the allegory is still more beautiful because it says he created woman out of man. That means woman is a refinement of man, a more purified form.

First: a woman means intuition, poetry, imagination. Man means will, prose, logic, reason. These are symbols: man means an aggressive quality, woman means receptivity. Receptivity is highest. Man means logic, reasoning. analysis, philosophy; woman means religion, poetry, imagination - more fluid, more flexible. Man is fighting with God. Science is purely a male by-product - man fighting, struggling, trying to conquer. Woman never fights; she simply welcomes, she waits, she surrenders.

And the Christian allegory says God created man first. Man is the highest in the animal kingdom - but as far as humanity is concerned, woman is higher. Christian theologians have interpreted it in an absolutely wrong way - they have interpreted in a male chauvinist way. They think man is more important, so God created man first. Then animals must be even more important! The logic is false. They think man is the real thing, woman is just an appendix. At the last moment, God felt that something was missing so he took one bone out of man and created the woman. Woman is not to be thought very significant - just a helpmate, just so that man feels good, otherwise he will be alone. The story is analyzed in such a way that it seems that woman is less important than man - just a toy for man to play with, otherwise he will be alone. God loved man so much that he thought he would be sad and lonely.. No, this is not true.

Imagination comes only when will is surrendered. The same energy that is will becomes imagination, and the same energy that becomes aggression becomes reception, and the same energy that fights becomes cooperation. The same energy that is anger becomes compassion. Compassion comes out of anger; it is a refinement of anger, it is a higher symphony out of anger. Love arises out of sex; it is a higher reach, more purified.

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