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Chapter 43: The Blessed Ones

To represent this, I have called the new man Zorba the Buddha. Zorba represents the materialist, objective approach. Buddha represents the subjective, spiritual approach.

Divided, both are poor. Neither of them is a full circle. Joined, they become immensely rich. Joined together, they experience the greatest ecstasy that is available to humanity.

What is it in a person that draws them to you and to what you represent? On the one hand, it seems that anyone with any intelligence and openness should be here. On the other hand, I can’t claim to have found you through being either particularly intelligent or open. It seems I came to you in spite of myself, rather than because of myself.

That’s the right thing to do - coming to me in spite of yourself. Yes, there are people who come because of their openness, receptivity. There are people who come with their intelligence, with their rationality. But these are not going to be closest to me.

You are fortunate that you are here in spite of yourself. That means neither a conviction of the head has brought you here, nor an openness of the heart has brought you here, but something which can only be called a magnetic pull between two beings.

That’s why you are puzzled: it is unexplainable. It is one of the greatest mysteries. Two beings can find each other - pulled against their minds, against their logic, against everything - nothing can prevent them. Something far more powerful than openness, than intelligence has made them aflame.

Yes, there are a few people who are here just in the same way. They will be enriched more than anybody else. They are the blessed ones.

Would you talk about Sheela and her gang?

My God! Such an old story. And you must be real lazy and late to ask such a question. I can talk about Adam and Eve - that is far more fresh. But I do not want to waste my time and your time about Sheela and her gang. It is finished.

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