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Chapter 8: I Am Totally for the Natural

I have looked into you and I say you are not there. It will be difficult to believe what I am saying, because how can you believe it unless it becomes your own recognition? But my saying it will help, it will help the recognition to happen sooner than otherwise. The news has started traveling from the heart.

Physiologically the heart and the head are very close - maybe the distance is not more than eighteen inches - but spiritually the head and the heart, these two points, are farthest apart. Even stars are closer to you than your own heart. This is the greatest distance that exists in existence, between the heart and the head, between love and logic, between intuition and intellect. Recognition happens in the intellect and love happens in the world of intuition.

And you are in love. Your path is that of love. Don’t be worried at all - you are gone and gone forever. You cannot return even if you want to return. And this is so with many of my sannyasins who are in deep love with me, who are following on the path with tremendous drunkenness, who have abandoned themselves, whose trust is total - but they will also need time. But who cares about the recognition? The real thing is the realization, not the recognition.

On the path of love it is always the master who makes the disciple aware that “It has happened! Now don’t worry about it. It is already dawn and the night is gone.” It is always the master who reminds, who helps the disciple to recognize.

But not on the path of awareness; there is no need. The disciple himself becomes alert; alertness is his whole work.

The second question:

Listening to you this morning speak on the different paths for different people, it struck me as strange that over the years the entire personal collection of my tapes has been of your talks on meditation, such as Dhammapada, the Heart sutra, Yoga sutras, Shiva sutras, Hakim Sanai, and the latest on Atisha. Even during the three great celebrations at the ashram I have preferred to sit silently rather than to sing and dance. Though neither of these is deliberately done, it has just happened this way. I sometimes wonder if I am caught in the attraction of the opposite. Would you please comment?

Ajit Saraswati,

You are not caught in the opposite: meditation is your path, awareness is going to be your key, the master key. Go totally with it, and don’t be worried about the lovers. Many times many things will make you jealous too, because those who follow the path of love they will dance, they will sing, they will laugh, they will celebrate. A thousand and one flowers will bloom on their path - their eyes will sparkle, will become candles; their lives will become more and more juicy.

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