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Chapter 22: Work Can Produce, Silence Can Create

And then the whole gathering will be so big, it will be a real congregation. And everybody will be rushing, finding.because in one thousand lives you had one thousand wives, and each of your wives has one thousand husbands - not only you. It is going to be such a quarrelsome day that nobody is going to bother about judgment. And how will God manage?

I agree with Bertrand Russell that the last judgment day is not going to happen, just because it is mathematically impossible.

It is good that you forget all of them; only the purest is remembered - and you don’t have much that is pure. So don’t just wait for the hereafter; if you want to recognize someone, purify your relationship with the person. Give him absolute freedom - and don’t be dominated by him either. Remain absolutely free. Only two freedoms, two alonenesses, two meditators, meeting together for no reason but just sheer joy, will be able to recognize each other.

But about me you can be certain: whether you recognize me or not, I will recognize you.