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Chapter 26: The Enlightened and the Endarkened

History shows that when a great master appears on the earth, other, lesser leaders recognize him and bring their followers with them. Do you see this happening here?

It has never happened, and it cannot ever happen either. There is a fundamental reason why it cannot happen. The lesser cannot recognize the higher, the lower cannot recognize the higher. The higher can recognize the lower. So it is existentially impossible. What history are you talking about? History cannot go against existence and its principles.

The first thing to be remembered - which is very simple - is, the man who has eyes can recognize the man who has no eyes; he can see that this man is blind. But do you think the blind can recognize that this man has eyes? That is sheer impossibility. And this is about the physical eyes..

When you think of the inner eye, the third eye, then it becomes absolutely impossible. Those who live on higher planes of consciousness are simply beyond your grasp. You cannot see them, you cannot understand them. Your intelligence is not capable of understanding planes of silence, meditation, experience of bliss.

You live in suffering; you know the language of suffering. That’s all your experience is. You can understand somebody is in suffering, but you cannot understand when you come across somebody who is in blissfulness, “the blessed one.” How will you recognize him? From where will you find the criterion? What measurements do you have? In your experience there is nothing similar to it, not even a faraway echo.

You must have heard an ancient fable: A frog from the ocean was just on a pilgrimage - it must have been on religious pilgrimage. He comes across a well; he is thirsty - it has been a long journey, a hot day - he takes a jump into the well and drinks to his heart’s content. There lives another frog in the well, who is sitting in his corner looking at the stranger and his arrogant behavior - without permission, not even saying, “Can I come in, Sir?” And this is my territory..

But he waited: let the stranger first drink - he can see the day is hot. When the stranger is satisfied, he looks around. Seeing another frog, he says, “Hello, how are you?” Then they start a conversation, and one thing leads to another. The frog from the ocean asks the other frog, “Have you ever been to the ocean? Come sometime - I invite you. I have been your guest without asking you; I was so thirsty that I could not take care of manners before I drank water. But you are welcome - you come to the ocean.”

The frog in the well looked with suspicion, as strangers are always looked on with suspicion.the way we are looked on with suspicion. We are the people from the ocean. Oregon is a small well. The attorney-general of Oregon is nothing but a frog, worried that these strangers have suddenly appeared; afraid, and out of fear he is going nuts, doing everything illegal.

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