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Chapter 14: The Love That Never Ends

A smart New York career girl married Stefano, a handsome young Italian farmer. She was not too happy with his social manners, and started trying to improve him immediately. Throughout the wedding reception she continuously corrected his mistakes, telling him what to say, which knife to use at the table, and how to pass the butter.

Finally, the celebrations were over, and they were in bed at last. Stefano fidgeted between the sheets, unsure of himself, but finally he turned towards his new wife and stuttered, “Could you pass the pussy please?”

It is better to recognize whatever you are: ignorant, uneducated, knowledgeable, moralistic, puritan, egoist - it is better to recognize whatever you are.

There is no need to hide yourself from the master.

The function of the master is not to improve upon you, but to transform you - and these are two different processes.

To reform you means to decorate you, to polish you; to transform means to help you die as an ego and be born as an innocent child, who knows no idea of “I-ness”.

Only the childlike consciousness is capable of understanding all that is beautiful in life, all that is great in existence. And the whole existence is full of greatness, full of glories. This is the only existence there is; its beauty, its truth, is the only beauty and the only truth. But they are available only to the innocent people.

Blessed are the innocent, for theirs is the kingdom of God.