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Chapter 10: You Are Blessed

It is said that when he appeared before two disciples, male disciples, he walked with them for hours and they would not recognize him. And they continued talking about Jesus and Jesus was walking by their side. They were a little puzzled about the appearance of this man - he looked like Jesus but how could he be? “Just appearance? - one should not be deceived by appearance alone.” For two hours they walked together. When they went to an inn, all three sat there to eat their dinner and when Jesus broke his bread, then they recognized. Very materialistic mind. Suddenly they saw.because Jesus’ every act, his every gesture, was his, authentically his. Now they recognized because he was breaking the bread in the same way that they had seen Jesus break bread for years - then they recognized. But for two hours, the presence was not recognized. Magdalen recognized immediately. When she went to tell the male disciples that Jesus was resurrected, they laughed. They said “Woman, you are hallucinating.” And they laughed and they said “This is how women always are - imaginative, dreaming, romantic. Now look at this foolish woman. Jesus is dead. We have seen him die on the cross with our own eyes.” But she cried and she said “Listen to me. I have seen him.” But they would not listen.

A woman can be a perfect disciple, and this is how it should be. Woman is receptive, an opening, a womb. They have never been masters in the sense that men have been masters - like Mahavira, Buddha, Zarathustra, Lao Tzu. No, they have never been masters like that. But there have never been disciples like women; no man has ever been able to equal them as far as disciplehood is concerned. And let me tell you this, that as far as this division of male and female is concerned, the female mind is more blessed. Because the real thing is to receive the truth, the real thing is not to give it, that is secondary. And a woman is always more total than a man. Whenever she receives the truth, she becomes luminous: her whole body, her whole being shows it; she carries an aura. Have you not seen a woman who is pregnant, how beautiful she becomes? Her face glows, she is carrying a new life within her. And this is nothing compared to a woman who really becomes a disciple. She is carrying God himself within her. Her glory is infinite.

So don’t be worried why women don’t become masters. There is no need. If you can become disciples, that is natural and you will always remain true to nature.

The fifth question:

Yesterday you said that Zen is the beautiful result of melting Tao and Buddhism, and Sufism the flower that blooms out of Islam and Hinduism. Is your teaching the super-flower, the cross-breeding between Zen and Sufism?

It is not a flower, it is just a meeting of two fragrances. Zen is a super-flower, so is Sufism. Nothing can be added to them; they are perfect. As far as flowers are concerned, they have attained to perfection; nothing more can be added to them, they have bloomed. What I am doing here is trying to fuse their fragrances.

A rose has flowered and so has flowered a lotus. Both arc spreading their fragrances to the wind. What I am doing here is trying to fuse their fragrance, which is a very subtle phenomenon. A flower is gross, fragrance is subtle. A flower is visible, fragrance is invisible. A flower is material, fragrance is simply spiritual. That’s what I am doing here - trying to bring together all the flowers of Tantra, of Yoga, of Tao, of Sufism, of Zen, of Hasidism, Jews, Moslems. Hindus, Buddhists. Jainas - I am trying to bring together all the fragrances that have been released down the centuries. This is a great experiment which has never been done before. Buddha is concerned only with the path through which he has attained, so is Mahavira, so is Jesus. Never before on the earth - has this been done.

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