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Chapter 17: The Poetry of the Feminine

Why is it still so difficult for me to see the worth of my feminine qualities? There is still something in me that judges them as weak and having a feeling of not being able to survive. Can you please say something about this?

It is the long condemnation of feminine qualities that has gone deep into the blood and the bones of women. It is man’s conspiracy to prove himself superior to women - which he is not.

Man is deep down aware of the fact that the woman has something which he does not have. In the first place the woman is attractive to him, she looks beautiful. He falls in love with the woman, the woman becomes almost an addiction to him - and that’s where the trouble arises.

The feeling of dependence on women which every man feels, makes him react in such a way that he tries to manage the woman as a slave - spiritually a slave. He’s also afraid because she is beautiful;.she is beautiful not only to him - she is beautiful to whomever looks at her, to whomever comes in contact with her. Great jealousy arises in the egoist, male chauvinist mind. He has done with women what Machiavelli suggests to the politicians - marriage is politics too. Machiavelli suggests that the best way of defense is offense, and man has used the idea for centuries - centuries before Machiavelli recognized it as a basic fact in all political spheres.

Wherever there is some kind of domination, offense is certainly the best way of defense. In defense, you are already losing ground; you have already accepted yourself as the defeated side. You are just protecting yourself.

In India, hundreds of invaders have come - small groups of invaders but they conquered this vast country, which is a subcontinent, it is a world in itself. By the end of this century, one man in every four will be Indian. It is one-fourth of humanity.

In this country, there are religious scriptures like Manusmriti, five-thousand years old, and they suggest that if you want to have peace in your house, giving a good beating to the woman once in a while is absolutely necessary. She should be kept almost imprisoned. And that’s how she has lived - in different cultures, different countries, but her imprisonment has been almost the same. And because man wanted to prove himself superior.. Remember, whenever you want to prove something that means you are not that thing.

A real superiority needs no proof, no evidence, no witness, no argument. A real superiority is immediately recognized by anybody who has even a small amount of intelligence.

The real superiority has its own magnetic force. Because men condemned woman - and they had to condemn her to keep her in control - they reduced her almost to a subhuman category. What fear must have led man to do this? - because it is sheer paranoia..

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